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Studio Backgrounds and Photography Backdrops; The Essence of Photography

Studio Backgrounds and Photography Backdrops are essential concomitants of Modern Photography, particularly when it comes to fashion and fine art photography. Studio Backgrounds and Photography Backdrops adds depth, color and texture to the subject matter of the photographer making it more appealing and attractive to the beholder of the image. Without them the photography becomes the cart without the horse. is a world leader in producing high quality, long lasting, flexible and  customizable studio backgrounds and photography backdrops for photography as well as videography. With more than 3000+ designs created after more than a year of research by leading artists and photographers in collaboration with technical experts,  is unrivaled among manufacturers of studio backgrounds and photography backdrops across the globe. The studio background and photography backdrops of the company are produced from high grade muslin cotton fabric which is produced only in the Indian subcontinent for more than thousand years. The salient features of the fabric is its ability to retain color dyes and paints for years without fading, ability to mould into any size, shape and design due to its lightweightedness  and property of absorbing light with least reflection. The quality of muslin also determines the quality of studio backgrounds and photography backdrops. The muslin used by is of 165 Grams per Square  meter fabric density, which can go upto 225 Grams per Square Meter fabric density, depending on the requirement and budget of the clients, whereas the Industry standard is only 125 Grams per Square Meter. Needless to mention that the quality of studio backgrounds and photography backdrops produced by different manufacturers depend on the fabric density of muslin used.
Among the many categories of studio backgrounds and photography backdrops for photography and videography produced by  the most commonly used ones are green screen backgrounds, chroma key backdrops, collapsible backdrops, twistflex backdrops, hand painted backdrops, hand painted photography backdrops, hand painted photography backgrounds.
Green screen backgrounds are typically used by photographers dealing with environmental issues and while dealing with subject matter related to peace and harmony.  Green screen backgrounds are produced by dipping  the muslin cloth in green dye and is part of solid backdrops. Fashion photographers  use Green screen backgrounds to promote environment friendly haute couture
For the Photoshop aficionados and videographers out there  offers chroma key backdrops in every collection. While green screen backdrops among chroma key backdrops are highly popular,  also stock blue screen, grey screen and white backgrounds that make photo and video editing a breeze. As with the rest of the inventory of solids these backdrops are available in 8 sizes and across all three Collections. A must have in any modern studio, chroma key backdrops have helped photography professionals across the globe to obtain the results that they are after.
Due to flexible lightweight nature of muslin fabric, the backdrops produced by are reversible as well as collapsible. Collapsible backdrops are those which can be maneuvered like collapsible gate by expansion and contraction. They are primarily used in theatre stage to bring to limelight the actors entry and exit from the stage before or after an act of the play is performed. It is also used in still photography and more so in videography to give the subject a dramatic presence.
Twistflex backdrops allow you to create a studio anywhere, and then easily pack up and move on to your next shoot.  Twistflex photography backdrops are comprised of a myriad design combinations so that you can choose the exact background that you need. Constructed of durable muslin, set on a bendable, high carbon steel frame, these collapsible backdrops fold down to one third of their size with ease, and back to full size in seconds. 
Often referred to as Crush Painted Mottles, the hand painted backdrops undergo almost the same process as Crush Dyed backdrops. However instead of dyes, acrylic paints are used. StudioWorld’s Hand Painted photography backdrops are much softer and more smoothly blended in order to accentuate, highlight, and enhance any subject the photographers shoot, allowing them to produce the most brilliant images. The patterns on hand painted photography backgrounds are created by crushing the fabric and layering acrylic paints to produce completely unique designs.  hand painted photography backgrounds are all hand painted using direct paints applied by hand layer after layer to achieve the uniqueness, the consistency and overall perfection that the clients demand. has three types of collections of Studio backgrounds and Photography backdrops to offer to its clients, viz. Essential Collections, Elegant Collections and Marquis Collection. While the Essential Collection is meant for the amateur, hobbyist and semi-professional photographers, the Elegant Collection is meant for the professional, artistic and fashion photographers. The Marquis Collection is meant for the highly rated professional fine art and fashion photographers. But these are not watertight compartments and therefore which collection a photographer chooses as studio backgrounds and photography backdrops depends on his proclivity, subject matter, taste and last but not the least budgetary constraints.
The Essential Collection boosts a fabric density of 165 Grams per Square Meter, while the Elegant Collection boosts of 195 Grams per square Meter fabric density. The highest fabric density can be found in Marquis Collection, which is 225 Grams per Square Meter. Obviously the quality of design and durability of the studio backgrounds and photography backdrops manufactured by varies with the density of muslin fabric and so does the price. While the Essential Collection comes for $32.99 to $239.45 range, the Elegant Collection comes for $35.99 to $269.99 range and the top end Marquis Collection costs $59.95 to $324.99 range.
Apart from the aforementioned three collections,  also offers photographers the leverage to choose their own customized studio backgrounds and photography backdrops by interacting with them to know their exact requirement and delivers the same after consultations with leading artists and technical experts working with the company.  takes pride in the fact that the some of the studio backgrounds and photography backdrops designs produced by its team of leading artists and technical experts can easily be exhibited in any art museum or art galleries as a pure work of art.
Moreover the collection chosen by the client is delivered to the address of the client free of charge packed in a special cover case meant for studio backgrounds and photography backdrops so that it does not get damaged during transit. One other advantage of buying studio backgrounds and photography backdrops from is the lightweight high grade muslin fabric used, enabling the user to carry it his bag from one location to another with effortless ease.
In short, is the one stop solution to all your studio background and photography backdrops needs. So, visit  today and choose your collection of high quality, long lasting and extremely flexible, customizable largest collection of studio backgrounds and photography backdrops to give your photographs the essence they deserve.   

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